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Music Students practice at Marching Saluki drills.
Students in Drawing 1 Class.
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In the College of Arts and Media (CAM), we support students as they become creators, critical thinkers, and members of the global community. We are committed to educating students across platforms in both the foundational theories of their disciplines and the hands-on application of their fields.

We provide you with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to pursue myriad careers and opportunities. International scholars, industry professionals, and dedicated support staff make it their priority to provide support both in and out of the classroom to ensure students excel at SIU and beyond.

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Our faculty are practicing artists and scholars (journalists, sculptors, documentarians, actors, writers, designers, among so many more) as well as educators, with national and international reputations and audiences.

Their breadth of experiences and practices helps to keep faculty current with industry changes and needs, as well as inform how they teach and mentor our students.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission Statement. 


CAM is home to six schools including Architecture, Art and Design, Journalism, Media Arts, Music, and Theater & Dance. There are various academic programs in each school.

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Student Resources

Our students take advantage of our numerous college resources, including state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as student clubs and organizations that allow students to further develop the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and to collaborate with their peers.


Communications Bldg, Rm 1121A
Phone: 618-453-6281


We inspire new generations of gifted artists and designers, as well as curious scholars and storytellers, forged in an environment of vision, depth, knowledge, praxis, and courage. Our alumni realize they can make a difference for our diverse student community. Wherever you go, there’s a Saluki near you!

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